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TOP 10 Krüptovaluutad

# Nimi Hind Turuosa ülempiirid 24h turumaht 1h muutus 24h muutus
1 Bitcoin icon Bitcoin -0.17 % 4.16 %
2 Ethereum icon Ethereum -0.49 % 2.97 %
3 XRP icon XRP -0.47 % 2.28 %
4 Bitcoin Cash icon Bitcoin Cash -1.02 % 5.34 %
5 Tether icon Tether 0.18 % 0.64 %
6 Bitcoin SV icon Bitcoin SV -0.40 % 3.98 %
7 Litecoin icon Litecoin -0.45 % 2.78 %
8 EOS icon EOS -0.75 % 4.92 %
9 Binance Coin icon Binance Coin 0.10 % 5.02 %
10 Tezos icon Tezos -2.00 % 5.52 %

Aktiivsed ICO-d

Vaata kõiki
REuse cash ico

REuse Cash is aimed to create a Recycling System that pays the User
REuse cash 2019-01-01

genEOS ico

genEOS is a business and technology ecosystem that delivers blockchain to enterprise
genEOS 2018-06-26

Tkeycoin ico

Tkeycoin DAO is a cryptographic decentralized platform built on the mechanism of artificial intelligence opening a new world of opportunities for people and business
Tkeycoin 2018-05-01

VANM ico

VANM is a local search engine for products and services distributing advertising revenue among users
VANM 2019-01-01

Pantercon ico

Pantercon reinvents corporate financing and supports startups Next generation startup and business network
Pantercon 2018-12-01

VogoV ico

Decentralized Porn Studio with a unified adultindustry cryptocurrency OGO coin that provides much more utility than just being a paymen
VogoV 2018-09-26

KamaGames Token Sale. Not an ico

KamaGames Tokens KGT is an industry first in providing ingame sales of services to its users
KamaGames Token Sale. Not an 2018-10-08

Miner Edge ico

Miner Edge is a strategized diversified and crowdfunded mining facility
Miner Edge 2018-08-28

Argyle Coin ico

Decentralized Marketplace for Diamonds using Blockchain Technology for an effective system
Argyle Coin 2018-09-17

GNY ico

Decentralized Machine Learning Platform making use of Blockchain Technology
GNY 2018-09-03

TOP Krüptokauplemiste paarid

Paar 24h turumaht 24h turumaht
BTC-USDT 118,394.68 6,691,333,216.15
BTC-USD 48,910.84 2,766,632,115.02
BTC-JPY 24,907.89 25,493,229,713.38
BTC-PAX 16,774.71 119,874,671.70
BTC-EUR 13,377.85 628,430,803.51

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